Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When Did I Last Post?

It was almost a week ago!

It should be my longest absence (last holiday absence doesn't count) . I felt so guilty and envious everytime I read all your posts. I have been super busy lately with work. So, forgive me my dears, I haven't got the chance to visit and drop some comments.

Blame my work, please.

I was absent from doing and TALKING about anything related to wedding also, which made Han so much relieved. Girls are always much more excited in this kind of things, aren't they? Guys just don't care about dresses, flowers, invitation cards, headpieces. (Sorry about the generalization, boys, but I think you should agree with me on this)

Last week, Han made a terrible mistake by saying (after I accused him of being less-excited), "It's not that I'm not excited. We just need to divide the duties. I'm doing the things I can do. I book the venue, book the pastor, while you can do the MINOR things, like DRESSES.."

NOBODY takes my dresses as MINOR things.

Luckily, he realized about his oh-so-wrong statement, and restated it at once. "I mean, you can do all the exciting things, like dresses. I know dresses are the most important thing in the wedding. I know that."

Hmm, good boy.

Anyways, I saw some dresses online, from Monique Lhuillier and Carolina Herrera (If I'm not mistaken)

I am thinking to get a simple tube dress, with a bit (or a lot) of lace. NO ball gown type.

Personally, I like the the first and the last ones. What do you think, guys?


  1. it's okie for not updating a week. glad that you are back! :)

    i agree with you guys are more ignorant towards this kind of stuff-flowers, dresses...it's not that we are being stereotypical of them. It holds true to most of the guys.. :)

    anyway, same goes to me. I think the top two and bottom two looked prettier. top left's the prettiest. are they your choices for your wedding dress?

  2. From "minor" to "exciting"...ahahahaha!!! I like him! I don't remember if I did anything like that when we were getting married. But as I helped her pick out invitations and flowers I did think, "gee, isn't it enough that I'm paying for it??? Why do I have to pick them out too?" So you are right, guys really don't care as much about that kind of stuff.

    You'll be beautiful no matter what dress you wear, but I like the top-right the best. =)

    My wife had a great way to keep me out of trouble the night before the wedding. She asked me to help set-up and decorate the reception hall.

  3. Love your choices... simple is more elegant and timeless. xoxo

  4. i love the 4th one to the left... a romantic dress...

    BTW..check out my dad's north american adventure!
    http://passionatestar92.blogspot.com/2010/02/photoblog-201004.html have a great day!!!

  5. Monique Lhuiller is a Filipina, just proud of her and all the things that she's accomplished through the years.Ü
    I'm glad you're going for simple and elegant. And you can't go wrong with a tube dress.
    I vote for
    Dress #1
    Dress #3
    Dress #5

  6. I totally know what you mean. I've been totally MIA.

    So MIA in fact, that I totally missed this wedding. Is it your wedding?? :O (If so, YIPPPEEEEEE!! )

    Right after I comment I am heading to your past posts.

    Haha, by the way, I simply adore the dress on the right bottom row. ;D

  7. I like the dress on the left bottom :)