Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Absence

I'm going to have another-week absence from blogging. I'm such a lazy blogger, I know.


Going home always thrills me :) This time is for Chinese New Year. For all of you who celebrate it, Happy Chinese New Year!

Meanwhile, I want to share some food-porn for you to drool over.

These were our last dinner on our last day back home last holiday. We were dining at my favourite steak house, called Angus House. They have the best steak in town.

Our appetizer is pan-fried salmon with veggie in tomato sauce, squid ink pasta, and shrimp in cream sauce. Nice.

Japanese style salad, with bamboo shoots, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and mushrooms in some Japanese sauce (which I don't know hot to describe)

Corn cream soup with fresh baked bread. I assure you this is the best cream soup I've ever had. Really. Delightfully creamy.And the bread was just crusty on the outside, and warm soft on the inside. Great combination.

So here's the steak I was talking about. The picture doesn't do it justice though. Mine is Rib Eye, medium well. I like my steak medium rare or medium well. Both are okay. In Angus, I like their medium well. It's perfect for me. Chewy and juicy. What makes this special is their sauce. I believe it's one kind of Japanese sauce, which I'm not sure what, but I tell you, it's really good. It goes perfect with the meat.

Our dessert was not the best dessert I've ever tasted there. The fruit cake was okay, but I'm not a fruit cake person. And strawberry ice cream is definitely not me.

However, overall, we had a great dinner that day. Hopefully I'll get to enjoy another dinner in Angus when I go back this time :)

Oh, and Happy Valentine!! Have a great time with your loved ones, ok!! Love you all!


  1. yeah i'm not a fruitcake person either, but i love strawberry icecream! ah i've been such a lazy blogger lately as well :S mmm... your food posts always make my mouth water! happy chinese new year :)

  2. That steak's just mouth-watering. Were you able to finish it? It's a huge serving! Enjoy your CNY celebration, don't forget to take lotsa photos ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  3. Yum!!! I had to click on the picture of the steak--I wanted to see it even closer. It looks amazing.

    Happy Chinese New Year, Olive. I hope you have a wonderful time back home. And Happy Valentine's Day too--it's nice to remember our friends on that day! =)

  4. hello:D advance happy valentines day to you and to your loved ones!!!!

    check out my new post:

    Be happy:D

  5. Hahaha...come back with foodie style :D

    You kno, im eating bakso while commenting ur blog Live lol

    Wait2...dont say Happy Valentine still tomorrow :D

  6. Sooooo..... you're in Indo. Bet you're having so much fun!!!

  7. LOVE this post :)
    great blog!
    stop by mine sometime xx