Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer oh Summer

Well, I guess it's finally the peak of summer here in Singapore. The weather has been crazily hot and humid. I can't force myself going out of the door wearing jeans or pants anymore. I have locked my cardigans and blazers inside the closet. There.

And now it's time for the summer dresses. Light material and soft colours, paired with minimal accessories and simple sandals. Aren't they just perfect for this kind of weather? Oh, and wearing up the hair into ponytail or bun, and I'm ready to go.

I found these dresses from J.Crew are perfect for sporting clean and simple summer look.

I really want them all!! Pretty, aren't they? What's your summer look?


And, oh, I'm so glad to be back to the blogging world. Finally work is not taking much of my time, and I have time to do my own stuff.

For some of you sweeties who asked about my wedding preparations, it's going well so far, thanks :) I'm going to do fitting for my dresses next week, and I'm super excited :)

The groom hasn't found his suits though. But, he doesn't seem worried at all. Gah, if I were him, I think I will be worried sick. I mean the groom not only needs suits, right? He also needs the shirt, the tie, the shoes, and whatever that comes with it. And this groom of mine doesn't seem to care much about it. Oh well...

And the wedding is 5 months ahead! I really can't believe it...

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time..


  1. i love the navy dress :) these are so light & gorgeous!

  2. ps. hope all is well with (esp with the wedding) and glad you're back ♥

  3. The groom has plenty of time. Just don't let him wait until the last month. ;P

    You have good taste. It's hot here now too, but it will be hotter in July and August. Think cool thoughts! =)

  4. Welcome back!

    You better supply a healthy dose of wedding photos. :D

    PS. I love alll those dresses. Absolutely beautiful :)

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  6. summer look yah...hahaha... u cant imagine how hot in Surabaya right now...fiuhh...

    great to read that ur wed's prep doing well...hey...say to the groom to keep calm coz he is gonna find it...5 months is enough to find the perfect suit!! Both of u will look gr8! Amen :)

  7. Finally you're back, Livveee!!!! It's just so mean to let us crave for you so much!!!! Hahahahaha. But glad to hear that all the wedding preparation go well! :) And about the groom. Bah, men.... We can never understand what's going on in their minds. Hahahahaha.

    Those clothes in the images, exactly the pieces we found all over HK. The weather is insanely hot we can't even wear trousers anymore. Amazing isn't it?