Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I think she's beautiful

"À une Passante Paris Shanghai" from Elle China, May 2010

Liu Wen looks so gorgeous and elegant in this editorial. She has always been one of my favourite models. Not just because her name is similar to my Chinese name (Yes, I do have a Chinese name, given by my Grandma, but it's so rarely used. It's Li Wen).

[Okay, forget what I just said about the name thing. I know it's silly.]

I do think this editorial, styled by Stephanie Zhuge, captures the best side of her. So lady-like, yet so chic.

And I'm so into this kind of style lately. Anything with mini, girly skirts, paired with camisoles, tees or cute shirts and blazer. Dressy dresses and blazer. They just never go wrong.


  1. She is attractive, but that skirt is too short for a bookstore. What if she needs something from the top shelf??? LOL

    You have good taste, Wen!

  2. Olivvveeeee!!!!! Finally I've managed to get a break and be back here..... Ooooh, it feels good. I'm so missing this place, and you of course!!!! So????? What's new? How's the wedding preparation going? Any updates? I hope all things are running smoothly for you! All my best wishes for you, dear! *hugs*

    And yes, this editorial is so beautiful, especially Liu Wen :) Great post!

    P.S. When I went through those pictures I did realize they're kinda your style :)

  3. heyyy li wen *please don't get mad at me :p* how are youu?long time not visiting your blog..did you still remember me?haha

    anw,agree with you..I love the ediorial too, esp the last pic!! it's soo great :)

    Are you going to get married too?when is the date?coz I'm preparing it too now :D..will it be held in spore or indonesia?

  4. beautiful spread, love the appartment too! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

  5. PS - It's funny how she's sitting by the window in the first picture, just the way you like to!

  6. Liu Wen is the bestttt
    just to let you know i've moved blogs from NOT SO SHY to http://shelikemenagerie.blogspot.com/...so come and follow me from there x

  7. Live..... please do come back and blog!!!! I'm missing you!!!

  8. LOL..i laugh when read Febe's latest comment...i guess all of us experience the same thing about blogging lately...but right now is about to be back!

    Live, she is beautiful but cant really see her face coz it's not a close up photo...The photograph is great =)

    ps: hows the weds preps? update please hehehe

  9. liu wen is absolutely gorgeous :) how have you been liv?! hopefully not too stressed or being a work-a-holic!

  10. she looks absolutely gorgeous... then again, when does she NOT?