Monday, May 3, 2010

I hate to say this, but I do live for weekends..

How's weekend, dears? I'm having quite a nice weekend. But weekends are always nice, aren't they? And surely they're never enough.

I used to try to do as much things as I could during weekends, but lately I'm happy and satisfied with spending the precious weekends by relaxing at home, catching some movies, reading, having cups of warm coffee, cooking, and spending quality time with beloved ones. And I do think that's a great idea for weekend. Don't you agree with me, dears?

Of course, some shopping and eat out always brighten up our days. But yeah, sometimes doing nothing at home is really something.

Last weekend, I stayed at home almost the whole day. I made my first tiramisu. Yummy!! But I couldn't find Kahlua anywhere nearby, and too lazy to go to town, so yeah, tiramisu without Kahlua, but hey, it still tasted great. I'm thinking to buy an oven, just because I want to try to make my own cupcakes. I don't know what's wrong with me lately, I become fond of cooking. My mom will faint, if she knows. I never went near kitchen until I was like 22 years old. I was just not the cooking type. But nowadays, I often find myself planning on trying to cook this and that. Gosh, I think I'm getting old...

Anyways, I'll be showing you some food pictures that I didn't get to post last week. These were my brunch and dinner two weeks ago.

I always wanted to try Marmalade Pantry. So finally one Saturday morning, we went there to try their brunch.

Han's brunch was this Steak Sandwich. It was lovely. The steak was tender, juicy, and definitely tasty. The bread was warm, slightly crispy. The chips are the healthy kind of chips.

These are the pretty Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes. The name alone sounds lovely, right? The three rather small but yummy hotcakes are fluffy and creamy. The syrup, lemon, and the peach really work the wonder.

Mine is Eggs Benedict. Who can resist this heavenly egg dish. Warm and crispy English muffin, topped with Bacon and Poached Egg, plus the Hollandaise Sauce. I like Rocket salads, but Han hates it. He said it's like eating grass. Gah, meat-eater..

But he's loving the over all meal, I can tell.

So am I.. Gosh I look damn chubby. I'm working hard on loosing those extra cheeks.

My latte. No breakkie nor brunch without a cuppa.

I always got overly excited everytime I see sugar cubes and the tongs. I don't know why.
I heard Marmalade Pantry have delicious cupcakes, but I didn't get to try them. Will definitely come back for their cupcakes next time.

After Western style brunch, we decided to have Japanese style dinner.

Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant. The interior and atmosphere was so Japanese. That guy, the Soba man, is Japanese. The waitresses are Japanese too, which made Han really excited (grr..)

Ocha, or Japanese Green Tea. I love their mini tea pot.

My meal, Japanese Hamburger Steak. It's Beef Burger meat (Asian style) topped with shaved radish/daikon and chopped green onion, some wedges, and stir-fry beansprouts. The set meal came with a bowl of Japanese rice (super tasty), seaweed soup, and Agedashi tofu. It feels really homey.

Yummy. I would certainly come back for more. I will not post Han's meal. Nothing special. I'm better at choosing meal :)

Gosh, I'm hungry now. Do I make you hungry? I hope I do ;)

Have a nice Monday, guys!!


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, YUM! the lemon hotcakes sound perfect :) hunny you are SO gorgeous! hahaha, you think your cheeks are chubby?! you should see mine ;) i live for the weekends too, school is real stressful at the moment, tests and assignments due all this week :/
    have a lovely week ♥

  2. you don't look chubby at all babe! You look gorgeous like that! Perfect as is!
    Those food look soooo niceee, you're making me hungry haha!

  3. omgosh your post definitely made me hungry haha. i really like being a homebody some days too... it's just comfortable sitting around at home in pajamas, watching movies in bed, etc etc. :) hope you've been well!

  4. You made me hungry from the Tiramisu to the Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes then the Japanese meal... gosh those are yummy. I love to spen time at home doing nothing too, it's just so relaxing and so rejuvenating. xoxo

  5. hate to say this, but we all do. and now im feeling hungry after seeing so much food.

  6. Haha, next time you wake up tired, wear the flared dress so you can get a seat on the train. That's a good story! =)

  7. OMG, darl... I've never known a bride-to-be who eats as much as you do. Hahahahaha. But they all look so yummy, and you look marvelous already. So, I think it's great! :p

  8. All that food looks really good. And you don't look chubby at all! :)