Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Passion for Coffee -- Espresso Yourself!

I remember the first day I had a taste of my first cuppa coffee. I was around 12, and it was a nescafe classic. Only simple black coffee with sugar added. I liked it.

Well, I ended up sleepless that night, but that didn't make me stop, obviously.
Since then, I have been trying different types of coffee. And, along with that, my preference of coffee is getting higher. I don't drink instant coffee anymore, only fresh brewed. I only have hot coffee, with not much addition into it. And I develop a new hobby, which is visiting different cafés and coffee houses.

I always have this ritual once I enter one cafe, you can call me freak, but yes, I am a coffee freak. Before I find my way to the cafe's entrance, my nostrils will find its way first. I just inhale the fragrance of the fresh brewed coffee, which is the best fragrance I know so far.

Then when the cuppa I order arrives on my table, I will enjoy the art of its serving, which just increases my appetite. After that I will put in two blocks of raw sugar with the silver tongs (I like the feeling of doing this, dunno why), and slowly stir it. When all are blended evenly, I will take one last sniff of the coffee's fragrance, along with the creamy-ness of the frothed milk, and the sweetnes of the blocked raw sugar. Like what Henry Ward Beecher says,

"No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet
offering of odor to the nostrils."

I totally agreed with him. And finally, while it's still steamingly warm, I take my first sip, let my taste buds sense every little bit of its tingling taste, and let it send the warmth into my stomach. And of course let the caffeine take its work on my brain. The feeling is just..superb.
Here are some nice cuppa I've tried and like, and some treat along the way ;-)

Starbucks' Caramel Machiato

One shot of espresso, exhilarating. Steamed milk, creamy and foamy. Vanilla syrup adds a tickle on your taste buds. Caramel sauce, everyone needs some sweetness in life right. Great for afternoon coffee break. I always order grande because the amount is just right. Tall always keeps me wanting more, and Venti gets cold before I finish it.

P.S. cafe 'cafe au lait'

I'm not sure what coffee they use, but it's perfect. Slightly bitter in a spicy way. The frothed milk blends so well. They serve in a small cute cup. Satisfying, but makes you come back for more :) One of my fave's cafe in Singapore. Great gardeny environment. Psst, they have a must-try berry cheese-brownie cake.

Jones the Grocer 'latte'
I like they way they serve it in this small glass instead of a coffee cup. The frothed milk is creamy, even the foam is creamy. The coffee is just the right taste. Jones has great English breakfast, and a homey markety environment, see it yourself if you cannot get what I mean :)

Well, there are still some coffee to try and obviously my journey doesn't end here. My nostrils and taste buds are still in the searching mode, for my passion for coffee!!
I'll keep posting on some new found sip :)


  1. I don't understand at all about what you're talking about Live... I hate coffee! Ha3. I always order green tea whenever I drop by at Starbucks!

  2. really??? well,I'm seriously addicted to coffee..I'm even addicted to the smell..and it's bad I know..I'm trying to drink less coffee now, but no significant result yet..