Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The best thing I ever have...

Living in Indonesia for almost my whole life has made me used to having a very comfortable life. I have a nice house, with mommy and daddy who settle everything for me, with two little sisters that I can have fun with, with maids who make my bed and wash my clothes. I was literally a princess at home.

A spoiled ungrateful princess..


Because although I have everything,
I was still annoyed by how my dad always commented on my too-low-cut-shirts and too-short-skirts.
I was still annoyed by how my mom repeatedly asks me to eat the veggie.
I was still annoyed by how my second sis scolded me for leaving my worn jeans on the bed.
I was still annoyed by how my little sis asks me to play some stuff with her.

I was annoyed by a lot of things,just because I didn't like it that way. I purposedly ignored them, grumbled, and did my own stuff. I did not like the fact that when I did what they wanted, they would be happy because they could control me.

When I think about that "me" now, the only thing that comes into my mind is, what a snob, stubborn, spoiled girl I was. Now that I am far away from home and family, my brain seems to work more properly.

I realize that my dad doesn't want me to wear those 'revealing' clothes because he loves me and he wants me to be unharmed.
I realize that my mom asks me to eat veggie because she loves me and she wants me to be a healthy girl.
I realize that my second sis asks me to put my worn jeans properly because she loves me and she wants me to be more mature.
I realize that my little sis asks me to play with her because she loves me and she wants me to spend more time with her, as sisters.

Now that I realize all those...I know that I should have said,
"Ok Dad, I'll change"
"Ok Mom, I eat"
"Ok, sorry, I'll hang it properly"
"Ok, let's play"

Now that they're so far away. I know my Dad is the best Daddy in the whole world, and my Mom is the best Mommy in the whole world, and my sis are the best sisters in the whole world. Simply because they love me so much, and I love them so much. And it's ok, it's never too late to realize things and make a change.

Guys, when you still have your family around you, love them n cherish them no matter how annoying they can be sometimes. Because once they are not around, you will see how much you have lost..

Be grateful for having a family, who simply loves you without any conditions..


  1. i remember my big brother who live far away from home now, just miss him a lot now even we often fought when we're at home...Hhh...thank u for this post =)

  2. no prob jak..it's never too late to start cherishing people close to your heart although they're not around anymore..Like today, my mom and sis is coming to Singapore, yay..I will make sure they're enjoying their short stay here :)That's one way to start cherishing them..