Thursday, August 13, 2009

sweet sweet baby..

A girl must have had times when she wants to look girly and sweet, right girls? Though I am never a fan of things girly, but yes, there are times when I want to look sweet also.

And here's my idea of sweet looking wardrobe. Silky and soft color is always my option. To avoid plain or pale impression, I have fun with two different colors, soft pink and green, two colors I never wear in one look, but well it looks okay for me now. And it reminds me of nature, the color of green leaf and pink rose.

And, what is more girly than a girly dress? okay, that's a retoric question. Dresses!! a girl's bestfriend, after diamond and shoes..Honestly, I love dresses.. For Singapore's weather dresses are probably the easiest option to look good out there without having to sweat like a pig. Especially these little dresses I pick. They're light, and cool in material.. with the sweetest colors I have ever seen.. The grees dress is more hippy look, the pink one is more to sweet look. Pair them with those cute ballet flats, and you have yourself a candy-like look.

And my favourite part of the whole look is, of course, the Chanel.. Okay, these ladies deserve a proper introduction. The pretty lady on the left is a Chanel Beige Caviar New Jumbo Classic, and the one on the right is a Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag in emerald green. Don't you agree that they are the main stars in the whole look..

So girls, get yourself in one of these and look as sweet as candy...

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  1. Me too... A fan of girly look? Never have, never will. You should check out this cool fashion blog by an Indo girl. I'm totally in love with it!

    And yes again, what can be a better gift for a girl than a Chanel handbag. (I even love it more than an Hermes!) I have creme color and black, and is craving for pink and white!!! Aaaarrggghhh.... Saving money, saving money...