Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's always somehow heartwarming to have things that remind us of our childhood memories. Something from the past that is so precious that we keep until today.

This blanket is sewn by Han's late grandma for him. He said his grandma really loved him. When he was sent by his parents to Singapore to study, his grandma cried and asked her son, Han's dad, to bring Han back. Some weekends, she would take bus alone from Malaysia to Singapore just to visit her favourite grandson.

Han said that the only time he had ever cried, as an adult, was when his grandma passed away. He still keeps the blanket, and uses it everytime he's back home.

I didn't get the chance to know his grandma, but somehow I can feel the warmth of her love when I touch this blanket.


  1. I knew how Han felt all the way.Because I had those blanket too!!! Sweet memory~~

  2. That's a beautiful story, Han is lucky to have had such a grandmother.

    I lived with my grandmother sometimes. Just before she died, she whispered to me that I was always her favorite. My wife says granny was being a con artist right up until the end, but I want to believe she meant it. No harm in that, right?

  3. Wow, this is beautiful... I too love to collect clutter :p Junks you may say, but they're my precious keepsakes. Each and every one of them has sweet memories!