Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothing beats..

... a cup of coffee and a good book, with a little sunshine, on a lazy weekend morning :)

Have a wonderful weekend guys!!


  1. indeed, i couldn't agree more :) good morning to you, olive! oh, it's already 8.37pm now in melbourne :) i hope you have a lovely weekend ♥

  2. I've made it to 3:00pm Friday afternoon, just a few more hours till I get to start my weekend!!! My wife is going to yard sales and antique shops with her sister on Saturday morning, so I'll get to sleep late before starting my chores.

    I hope you're having a great weekend. =)

  3. Agreed!!! But I prefer milk tea.Maybe add on a few sandwiches.

  4. AAAAAAAAA!!! wanna buy a good camera and do what u do!!! picture everything around...have a wonderful weekend too :) :) :)

    ps: Thank God it's not foods in HD :P

  5. In my case I'll have it change with Green Tea latte + a little addition of chocolate chip as a guilty pleasure. Now, it's a great weekend.